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The Faithful Followers group was created to help you express the Good News however you choose. Some people use our styles as daily reminders, and some use them as gifts to spread the love of Christ. Whatever the reason, we are happy to welcome you to the Faithful Followers group. We are really excited to help you share of the love of Christ and we know you'll love what we have to offer. Read below to find out what you get  

1. 60% of all merchandise our our store using the discount code FAITHFULFOLLOWERS17 Feel free to share this code with your friends

2. You receive 3 FREE products from us per month! Only Jewelry products apply for this membership benefit. If you want something else, please message our lovely support team and let them know. Once you have chosen your 3 jewelry products, please message our team here -->

3. As part of our group you get access to our wholesale catalog. We want to help you share the love of Christ with your friends at the lowest cost possible. We only charge you what it costs for us to make it and ship it. All pieces of jewelry on the store are 3 dollars a piece when ordering 10 or more. If you have inquires about the price of a larger quantities, please message our support team.

If you would like to cancel your membership, no hard feelings. We try to offer as much as we can for the low cost of $19.99/month so that everyone can join. But if you would like to cancel we completely understand. Just fill out this form here -->
We are sad to see you go and would appreciate your feedback on why you are leaving. If you have any feedback, please message our support team!

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You will be billed $19.99 per month until you request to cancel the membership.

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IF YOU HAVE CANCELLED YOUR MEMBERSHIP AND THEN RETURN TO CHRISTIANLIFESTYLE.CO AND USE ANY FEATURE RESERVED FOR MEMBERS, YOUR PAYMENT CARD WILL BE AUTOMATICALLY CHARGED FOR A MEMBERSHIP UPON CHECK OUT. YOU WILL NOT SEE THE MEMBERSHIP IN YOUR CHECK OUT CART. may terminate or cancel your membership at any time and for any reason or no reason, at its sole and exclusive discretion. In such event, your membership fee will be refunded on a prorate basis as of the termination or cancellation date.

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