Faithful Followers Monthly Membership Terms

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These membership terms apply to all memberships purchased from Christian Lifestyle Co, and are subject to change at any time.  Please visit for current membership terms.  The membership terms currently in effect at the time of your membership purchase will apply throughout the term of your initial membership.  If these membership terms are amended during or after your initial membership period, then the amended membership terms will apply to your membership beginning on the next membership renewal date.

Your membership and use thereof is subject to’s Terms and Conditions of Use, Privacy Policy and Refund Policy, all of which are available at

Monthly Membership Benefits

What you get:

--  Christian Lifestyle Co. Faithful Followers Box each month. To design and claim your Christian Lifestyle Co. Faithful Followers Box for this month, please email us at

-- 60% off all products using the discount code found inside your membership account.

--  Access to Wholesale exclusive products for your church or small group.

--  Exclusive Faithful Followers Community including daily inspiration.

Monthly Membership Fee

You will be billed $19.99 every month until you request to cancel the membership. Promotional offers run from time to time which may provide you the opportunity to take advantage of the Christian Lifestyle Co. Faithful Followers for less that $19.99 per month. Promotional deals and terms are provided on the same page as your purchase. Your purchase will appear as Christian Lifestyle Co. on your credit card statement.

Automatic Monthly Renewal

All memberships renew automatically for successive one month periods until you cancel. By purchasing a membership, you agree and acknowledge that you will be charged a membership fee of $19.99  (or less based on promotional deals provided to you in detail at the time of checkout) for the first month of membership and $19.99 (or less based on promotional deals provided to you in detail at the time of checkout)  for each month thereafter until you cancel.  You accept responsibility for all recurring charges processed prior to cancellation, including, where applicable, any charges processed after the expiration date of your payment card.

 Our mission, at Christian Lifestyle Co. is to make the Word of God come alive. Through our products we strive to express God’s redemptive message of love and inspiration to the world.

 The Faithful Followers Community was created for followers of Christ that want to express their love for Him in creative and artistic ways. With our custom jewelry and decorations we have inspired Christians around the world to bring the Word of God to life!

By activating your membership for a monthly fee of $19.99, you will receive the following benefits. 

Cancelling Your Membership

You may cancel your membership at any time by contacting us or by visiting our cancellation page.  Membership fees are paid in advance and are not refunded in whole or in part.  Your membership will terminate at the end of the month covered by your most recently paid membership fee. 

Upon cancellation, you will not be charged for any further renewal periods and your membership will not continue past the then current period. may terminate or cancel your membership at any time and for any reason or no reason, at its sole and exclusive discretion.  In such event, your membership fee will be refunded on a prorate basis as of the termination or cancellation date.

 Faithful Followers Benefits

 Monthly Box:

 Expression is everything! That’s why we let you choose what goes in your box each month. To design next’s months box visit

 Store Wide Discount:

 Get up to 60% off everything on our store! If you haven’t done so already, create an account to unlock the discounted prices.

 Wholesale Program

 Place orders for your small group or church with our wholesale catalog! We only charge you what it costs for us to make it. To see our wholesale catalog visit —>

If you would like a custom design made, we can help with that too! Just email for more details.

Welcome to the Faithful Followers community and thank you for your support,

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